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Strict exhaust emission limits have been in force in the EU since January 1, 2005. All commercial vehicles must be manufactured and delivered with a closed particulate filter. Therefore, in the near future, more and more European cities will introduce high guidelines for the reduction of exhaust emissions. Only those vehicles that meet at least the Euro IV standard receive long-term permissions to drive in environmental zones. Currently, there is only one way to effectively reduce emissions from diesel engines - a particulate filter.

The advantages of Vanstar and TB Twintec Baumot Group filters:

Innovative flue gas processing technology
Replacement of the original Euro IV / Euro V SCR silencer
Reduction of particulate emissions by more than 99%
Reduction of hydrocarbons (HC) and carbon monoxide (CO) clearly below EU borders
Easy to clean, completely passive system with automatic regeneration
Regeneration of the filter takes place even at low temperatures of exhaust gases (from 230 ° C)
The housing is made entirely of corrosion-resistant and high temperature resistant stainless steel (INOX)
Long service life due to the hard filter construction.

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