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Assembly accessories


Assembly accessories

In our offer we have all the necessary accessories that are essential when installing the exhaust system, cooling system or intake system.

These are:

Pipe clamps for connecting elements such as pipes, silencers, filters
Hangers and muffler clamps permanently connecting the exhaust system to the vehicle
Pillows and slings protect against vibration transmission of the working exhaust system
Thermal covers protect the vehicle user against direct contact with the hot element
Rain covers installed in construction machines and other specialist vehicles protect against water entering the vertical exhaust systems
Spark absorbers prevent any sparks from exhalation from escaping and protect against possible explosion or fire
The flanges and gaskets securely and tightly attach the elements of the exhaust system.

Detailed information about the above-mentioned products can be found on the relevant subpages.

The exact catalog is available on our website in the download section.

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