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Thermal isolation


Thermal isolation

A part of exhaust systems installed in tight buildings (city buses, power generators, etc.) pose a serious risk of causing a fire, due to excessive heating of the environment with the heat of flue passing through the exhaust system. A suitable protection is the thermal isolation of elements of the exhaust system in such a way that the heat of the exhaust does not escape through the walls of pipes or silencers. Vanstar offers three solutions.


The first solution is designed for systems with diesel engines, where temperatures in the exhaust system do not exceed 550 ° C. The exhaust elements are insulated with aluminum foil tape, which is a thermal screen connected to glass fiber, constituting a thermal insulator. Two or three layers of this tape will suffice to significantly lower the temperature outside the exhaust system. The insulation is secured with an elastomer which vulcanizes after heating up the exhalation. The insulating elements of this solution can be found in the universal elements catalog, available on the download page. When buying this insulation, we attach the assembly instructions.


The second solution is designed for temperatures of 900 ° C. Such high temperatures accompany the combustion of gaseous fuel. The insulation proposed by us effectively protects against excessive heating of the exhaust system surroundings. Detailed information on this matter is provided for individual inquiries (see contact).


The last, third solution is Insulation composed of stainless steel film (outside) and fiberglass (in the middle) is used in elements of the exhaust system, which work temperature is close to 1000 ° C. This characteristic is obtained mainly in the most modern engines that meet the EURO 5, EURO 6 or gas fuel emission standards - CNG.

Due to its chemical composition and special manufacturing process, glass fiber has excellent resistance to continuous temperatures of 1000 ° C and instantaneous temperatures up to 1600 ° C. Below is its characteristics:

Melting point: ≥ 1600 ° C,
Resistant to most chemicals except for hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid and strong alkalis,
Neutral for fiber ≥ 6 microns.

The stainless steel foil used outside, is resistant to mechanical damage. In addition, the materials used in the product are distinguished by very good chemical resistance, excellent physical properties and high vibration resistance.

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